About Us

It all started with Bluma (meaning flower), who came into my life in the spring of 2013, accompanied by her sister Rachel. Soon their brother Luke followed and we moved from skijoring to dog sledding. Short there after the rest followed to establish the Flower Kennel Dogs.

This was the start of a new lifestyle up in the north, in Alaska. Having previously worked as a Applied Physicist engineer in Silicon Valley, my life could not have changed more drastically. Never afraid of challenges and adventure (2 year bike trip through South America, 2 year solo car trip through America, visited over 40 countries), I found a way of living and a home which was me.

Living off-grid is the simple reality in the rugged state of Alaska where utilities do not reach beyond the cores of villages and town. The self sufficient lifestyle has proven to be challenges at times, but mostly it’s absolutely rewarding. Having sled dogs have made many task more pleasant and nothing beats hanging out with my best buddies in the woods.

Iris (owner)
Bluma, Rachel, Lilja, Sam, Mouse, Flora, Hayden, Kiglu (companions)


In the Media

DiGiorno advertisement

DiGiorno advertisement

Russian TV program
Journalist Anastasiia Baidrakova
Camerawoman, Viktoriia Soshnikova

AIST/TV team Irkutsk, Russia